Thursday, June 19, 2008

Lirik Lagu No No penyanyi Westlife

Penyanyi Westlife

No No

Once we had it all for the taking

Love was just me and u

U better think twice

About the plans that u're making

Of splitting one word in two

Put ur mind in doubt

Did u ever think about

Everything that we're missing

Don't make me see

What is best for me

'Cause i just won't listen baby

No no no no

I don't need nobody

Anyone to take ur plave but u

No no no no

I just could't fall for anyone new

Nobody but u

Girl, u r the life that i'm living

I just can't go on without u

Let's make it alright

Wake up to what we've been given

Remember the things we've been through

I cant' imagine

The two of us apart

Can't find the reason

'Cause i still believe

There's no one like u

That is why i need

Nobody but u

Don't need nobody

To take ur place but u

Don't need nobody at all

No no no no...

No no no no...

I don't need nobody

No no no no baby...

I don't need nobody

No no no no...

I just couldn't fall for any one new

Nobody but u...

dari Norafidah Abd Rahman

No No - Westlife

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