Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Lirik Lagu We'll Be As One penyanyi Siti Nurhaliza

Penyanyi Siti Nurhaliza

We'll Be As One
Siti Nurhaliza

Listen to me and try to understand

Look into my eyes and you will see

There's no need to doubt the love that we share

Cos we will make it work our way

Turn back the time, tell me how it all came

The true love that you've found sets me on fire

It isn't the touch that really matters so much

Emotions turn into desire

And you can be sure of this feeling so strong

And the love that comes shining through

Will make a whole new world

We'll be as one, and one for love

The love we share comes shining from above

We'll be as one, and the feeling's so real

Just you and me, we'll be together

It's just so hard when we are apart

The little voice in us will start to wonder

I know you would miss me I would be in you mind

Every second of the day

You will find and you will believe

That what we feel is a beautiful thing

As long as your love will stand true forever

We will always be as one

dari Noris Zetty

We'll Be As One - Siti Nurhaliza

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